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Chad Fic-athon Master List

OK, finally! Here's the master list for the Chad-fic-athon. If I missed your story, just let me know and I'll add a link.

Some awesome stuff came out of this so go read! You know you love it.

Thanks to everyone who played!

  • Best Friends Means by talkativebee -- (Chad/Jared, R, 1,138 words) -- Chad spends some quality alone time in the shower.

  • Buffer by azewewish -- (Chad/Jensen, Jared, PG-13) -- Jensen is shy, Chad has a birthday wish, and Jared's stuck in the middle.

  • Chad Wasn't A Bitch by pesha -- (Chad/Jared, NC-17, 5,760 words) -- Chad gets this IDEA and after trying it out, he needs to talk to Jared about it.

  • Dream a Little Dream by moosesal -- (Chad/Jensen/Danneel/Sophia, NC-17) -- Well, you see, Chad has this really hot re-occurring sex dream...

  • Getting a Clue by fools_game -- (Chad/Jensen, NC-17) -- Jensen and Chad team up to torment Jared. But pretty soon, they just want to be with each other.

  • Happy Birthday to Chad by missyjack -- (Chad/Jared/Jensen, Kenzie/Danneel/Sophia, R) -- Chad knows EXACTLY what he wants for his birthday.

  • Red Right Hand by kelex -- (Chad/Jared, NC-17) -- Hello hot fisting, meet Chad.

  • Right Here Between Your Hips by dea_liberty -- (Steve/Chris/Chad/Jared/Jensen, NC-17) -- The guys decide to celebrate Chad's birthday a little differently this year. And all you people looking for DP? *points* Right here. And Chad's the one who takes it.

  • Tamed by hegemony -- Chad/Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 11,000 words) -- It's been long a long time since Chad's talked to Jared, and it's not like he likes Jensen that much. But all it takes is a little fetish to change everything completely. (This is so kinky I don't even know where to start! Just go read it!)

  • Violet Sky by arabella_hope -- (Chad/Jensen, R, 1,400 words) -- Chad struggles with discomfort in his own life, but he finds a little hope along the way.
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