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you cannot resist the power of the Padalecki

I've known mandyremains for years. We're buddies offline and online. In fact, she's the person I visited in California this July. We've been through a lot together and she feeds me cake and stuff so you know, I kinda like her. *grin*

Anyway, she is on LJ, but not in fandom in ANY way. In fact, she teases me about it all the time. WELL. Last night? She has a sex dream about Jared. Jensen was there too. And the Impala. NO REALLY! I KNOW!

She just made the funniest entry and I thought I'd share it (she said I could):

"Wendy is kind of in a league of her own. Or maybe it's because I don't normally see/read about the other's obsessions on a daily basis. Let me just say real quick that there isn't anything wrong with any of this. I adore passionate people and I certainly have obsessions of my own.

Anyways, because of Wendy I know (as most of you on her fl knows) all about Jared & Jensen. Last week I even learned there was car!porn (which is surprisingly un-dirty and very similar to Food Porn) And then there was the time this week when I typed Jared's last name (Padalecki) by heart. No one but a True. Fan. should know how to spell that name.

But last night? The line was crossed...I had a sex dream about Jared Padalecki *facepalm* His hands were HUGE and holy GOD they felt good. To make matters even worse, Jensen was there (as was the Car!Porn). The premise was slightly odd because I had figured out how to get a hologram of the boys (and the car) out of the TV while I was watching the show (No, I don't watch the show, but I know several plot lines, many outcomes, and lots of history) Any way, I had figured out how to get them from screen to my living room. I was making out with Jared (or Jared's hands, rather) and I kept thinking "I wonder if Wendy knows how to do this???" And then I'd be like "Fuck it, I'll tell her later." Then I'd think, "Well, she kinda needs to know *now*...I just had sex last night, she NEEDS sex...what if she's watching the show Right. Now???" Then his hands would move again and I'd be all like "Fuck it, I'll tell her later."

Wendy. I promise if I ever figure out how to do that, I will tell them to hang on a second and I will call you immediately (sort of how I do every time I have gossip...) When I woke up I felt a little bit dirty and like I had betrayed wendy in some way, but ultimately it was quite enjoyable, so I got over it (Sorry Wendybear!)"

HEEE. How awesome is THAT? No one can resist Jared!

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