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August Music Post

Music I Listen To On Repeat

1. "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield
2. "She’s Freaky" by Pitbull
3. "The Way I Are" by Timbaland
4. "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte
5. "Clothes Off!" by Gym Class Heroes
6. "I Love Myself Today" by Bif Naked
7. "Nerd Porn Auteur" by Ernest Cline
8. "Summer Girl" by Jessica Andrews
9. "Happy Girl" by Martina McBride
10. "Something More" by Sugarland
11. "I Wanna Do It All" by Terri Clark
12. "I Hate Everyone" by Get Set Go
13. "Crazy in Love" by Kane
14. "Catch My Disease" by Ben Lee
15. "Rockstar" by Nickleback
16. "Online" by Brad Paisley
17. "Story of My Life" by SureShot
18. "I Touch Myself" by Jack Off Jill

notthequiettype made the CD cover. Isn't she awesome?

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