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Baby, I will make you a STAR

A couple days ago, someone was teasing me about maybe hosting a friending meme because they wanted some new SPN buddies to tide them over through hiatus. And HEY! Boosting the squee content and mutual-love among my flist sounds good to me. And people seemed interested, so...

First, post a comment about yourself. Then, check back and see who else has posted. Comment to new people! Start conversations! Friend people! It's all for fun!

Here's a handy template, the better for everyone to stalk you get to know you:

  • Hi! I'm (username):
  • Why are you here? (new to the fandom, want a bigger f-list, really incredibly bored right now, I NEED SQUEE, etc.)
  • Likes: (characters, pairings, genres, interests, kinks)
  • Dislikes: (characters, pairings, genres, squicks, pet peeves)
  • What do you talk about in your LJ?
  • The story I reread as often as possible is:
  • I have a secret. *leans in close* I--___. (In other words, something you'd just like to say.)
  • Fandoms I am very interested in:
  • Other links: (link to your fics, website, list, community, etc.)

    OK, GO!

    This only works if you guys play along, so spread the word, yeah?
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