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if you want it to be good girl, get yourself a bad boy

I think I've become addicted to ring tones, which I only just figured out how to make work YESTERDAY. So fun! I have Back in Black for calls, Carry On for texts and LoveStoned for the Vegas girls. How 21st century am I??? *beams*

I don't understand people who want Sam to be evil and/or mean. MY Sam is neither of those things, by his inherent nature. It's WHY I love him so much.

There is the cutest guy who works at my Starbucks. He flirts shamelessly. He also is about 12 years old. I really want to take him home and do bad, bad things. His smile makes me swoon.

I woke up a little late this morning and was rushing around and just generally wrecking my schedule all to Hell. Listened to my happy, pop music all the way to work and now I am STOKED to be alive! I don't understand how people can constantly listen to sad, angsty music. It just sinks me into a depression and holds me there. I want to get lifted OUT of that mood, not be sunk into it, you know? (This isn't a judgment, mind you, just a realization on my part, about myself. Which I am allowed to have.)

txtequilanights and I are going to see Kelly Clarkson in November. WOOOO. (Who else wants to play? phaballa?) And Backstreet Boys when they come in concert, obviously. And apparently Britney. Yay for fun stuff to look forward to!

Speaking of fun things to look forward to, my next plane trip will be to WINCON. I'm so excited. I can't wait to see everyone. People, we need to start making some PLANS!

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    P.S. Could we just be nice to each other today? Please? PRETTY PLEASE?
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