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Eeeee! Pretty boys!

Seven days to new SPN!

Last night, I was looking for a specific picture on my computer and I ran across a pic of Jared that I had forgotten even existed! (It's the first one under the cut.) So, I decided to picspam with a couple pictures I love but almost never get to see.

Awwww! Adorable baby!Jared!

Hey pretty baby.

He's Palming. A basketball.

I love this picture because it looks like Jared just jumped out of the shower and went straight to his photo shoot.

And he knows he has to hurry because Jensen is waiting for him down in the lobby.


FOREARM. *swoon*

He has an UMBRELLA. "Hey Jared! You can stand under my umber-ella."

Jensen looks like an adorable little boy in this pic:

And he looks all devious and sexy here:

Why Sam. That's quite a grip you have on your flashlight...

This is one of my FAVORITES:

Sam is bigger than the entire WORLD. Seriously. HUGE. Bigger than EVERYONE.

Boys asleep. Each right on the edge of the bed, as close as possible. *swoons*
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