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get your game on, go play

First of all, I spent all night dreaming about the Chicagoland stories by phaballa. Mmmmmmm, so nice. I hit my snooze alarm like, seven times. I did NOT want to get up and end the pretty living in my dreams.

I watched "Dirty Sexy Money" last night and I LOVED it. Loooooved it. I. LOVED. IT. I love every single character, I love how they set up the plot, I love Peter Krause. I love the humor and the social commentary and ALL OF IT. *exhales* It even kept my full attention for an hour, which is a minor miracle.

It is FRIDAY. And I have a huuuuge To Do list for today, which means I have to do actual work, which is very SAD.

OK, so, I need company while I'm chained to my desk. Want to play?
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