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Steve Carlson

Dear Morning: Why must you always come visit so EARLY??

Last night I hooked up with a group of fangirls including moonmelody, wrenlet, technosage, annkiri (and two of her ADORABLE friends who are not fandomers but which I sort of want to keep for myself anyway) for a little Friday night fun.

We headed off to City Tavern to see Steve Carlson play. There were a couple other fangirls there including mkay9, tobemeagain and someone else whose name I never caught. It was nice to meet you guys!

First up was my new not-so-secret crush Taylor Davis. He was wearing a flannel shirt and Converse. I want him. (We decided he could be my hometown boyfriend while Jared is traveling.) His music was pretty good too. I might keep him.

Next up was Steve, who was AWESOME, as expected. Just him and the guitar. *swoon* I really thought he didn't play very long, maybe five or six songs. But Jess listed quite a few more and he definitely sang all of those, so. Must be a "time flies"-type situation.

I tell you this. he sounds EXACTLY the same live as he does on the CD. They do NOTHING to his voice or guitar skills. He really is incredible and was clearly enjoying himself last night.

Steve's guitar case has a big 'ole Kane sticker on the side. I tried to get a picture but my camera phone steadfastly refuse to do any zooming-in last night. Alas.

After Steve finished up, it was Alligator Dave's turn to play. He was HILARIOUS and very dirty and I spent most of his set with my face in my hands trying to hide the blush.

By this time the drunk college kids (oh, did I mention this also is Texas-OU weekend?) were pretty much whipped into a frenzy and they were HY-LARIOUS to watch. One chick was dirty dancing against this lost-looking guy so hard, that he actually found a pole to lean on so she wouldn't push him over. Trust me, it was funny.

They finished up about 1 a.m.-ish and then Steve came back up on stage to play with Alligator Dave and his sidekick (who is in looooove with moonmelody!) and Taylor's drummer. They did a couple of things including "Stuck on You" and "Let's Get it On," both of which I'm pretty sure, well...less then five people not on that stage realized that they weren't singing original songs. No, really. SO FREAKING GOOD. I was swooning.

I've loved Steve's music from the first second I ever heard it and would listen to it even if there wasn't a fandom tie-in. I've always thought he was attractive but when he steps behind that mike? It's like...well. The sexy just rolls off him. MMM. It's really nice. And verrry hot. I'll keep him too.

I really wish I had more opportunities to hear him play live, I'd jump on every one of them.

In Conclusion: LA Hookers? The Dallas clan did you proud!
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