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Catching Up

A list!

  • I keep mentioning Fangoria in January and people keep looking at me blankly. It's January 18-20, in Austin. Here are details. Jared is scheduled to attend. I will be there. Come see us!

  • I told missyjack I'd come clean about my old school obsession with an upload of Juice Newton's Greatest Hits CD. Apparently, I only have six of the songs but here are those six! Enjoy...Juice is awesome.

  • Did anyone take pictures at WinCon? I took exactly ZERO. If you took any, of anybody, doing anything....link me. I want to see!

  • Remember when we saw Steve Carlson play here in Dallas and I developed a tiny crush on his opening act? Flannel and Converse, it' a killer combination man! Anywhoo...here's his cd: Taylor Davis.

  • Does there exist anywhere a list of all the songs Jensen sings on? I know there does, I used to have a play list on my ipod. Which I accidentally deleted yesterday. Whoops. So, someone help me re-create it, ok? I need a LIST!

  • Also, I really want one of those "Winchester Demon Tour" shirts people had this weekend but alas. CafePress is FAILING me. Anyone know where they came from and how I can get one? *begs*

  • Hi everybody! Happy Wednesday!
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