I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind


So. I'm back at work today. BOOOO. It hasn't really been that bad. Mostly because we're sort of fazing my work down, I think. Despite the 357 emails I came back to. Whoops.

You guys are all over the domestic challenge idea! YAY! I'll work on that here in a few weeks, so start getting your prompt ideas ready! I think "Fluff and Fold" won for the name idea. You guys are SO ADORABLE. Anybody feel layout-inspired for that?

I didn't sleep even a tiny bit last night. Mostly because Max kept SNORING. What the hell dog? Cut that out! *rubs eyes*

I've been thinking every-so-vaguely about getting a tattoo between my shoulder blades. I really like how they look there. But, I live alone and I am doubtful I can get soap and lotion back there like I need to to take care of it. Hmmm. *ponders* I don't want anywhere not covered by clothes done so...I'm running out of locations. Oh the agony of decision!

In ten days, phaballa and txtequilanights and I will be breathing the same air as Lance Bass.

I also am vastly in love with this quote:

"I am not afraid. I was born to do this."
-- Joan of Arc

I just started reading a bio on her, she's a bad ass.

SPN tonight! WOOT.
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