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Hellooo Monday

How random can I be today....let's find out!

Eight days until my birthday! People, we are down to SINGLE DIGITS in the countdown! So very exciting. I saw my parents this weekend and Mom gave me my first birthday cake this year. Very exciting! She knows I like to celebrate all month long.

When I was in LA for WinCon, azewewish and either poisontaster or wrenlet (possibly both) were giving me a hard time about not matching up their weird random fic loves with each other.

ANYWAY. The second person said something like "Oh, if it isn't Wendy's OTP then she just scrolls right by." And Brenda (wisely) said "Yes, but she has more than one OTP."

Which is true.

So, what I want to know is...who are your OTPs? Not every pairing you're willing to read. Not every fandom you've ever obsessed over. Just...what are the literal One True Pairings that thrill you to your toes?

Your OTPs, show me them.

You know what I want? For someone to make a mix or a zip file or something of all the songs that were used in the fanvids shown during WinCon. I don't have some of that music and I'd really like it. That would be SUCH a cool project. Who wants to do it?

I have six pages of unused two cent stamps. Anyone need some?

If you found a random debit card in say...the parking lot of your dry cleaner...what would you do with it? Apparently, I accidentally dropped mine this weekend and the guy who found it CALLED me. That really wigged me out for some reason. My name is on the card and I live in a small town, so I assume he just looked in the phone book. But still. Take it in and leave it with the lady at the dry cleaner counter. Or, just destroy it. He wanted me to meet him so he could give it back. I didn't return his call, I just called the bank and canceled the card. I'm sure he was just trying to be a nice guy. Still. It feels weird, you know?

It's Monday. It's raining. The windchill is down in the 30's and I had to wear a JACKET today. WTF Texas? Cut that OUT!
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