I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

This was oddly fun.

Number of journal entries: 5,292

Number of people on your friends list: 181

Person who introduced you to LJ: dementia

Still friends with this person: No.

How many people have you introduced to LJ: I honestly have no clue. Maybe two?

List everyone on your friends list who you have met in person:
affectingly, amandajane5, amara_m, amy_lynn, anasuede, annkiri, antheia, aproposofnothin, audrarose, auntee_mame, azewewish, balefully, brynwulf, cathybites, coiledsoul, coolwhipdiva, crazyjoyfulgirl, dinkydo, dove95, dramaphile, drvsilla, easilydistractd, eboniorchid, editorzon, emmagrant01, estrella30, ethrosdemon, gigglingkat, girlguidejones, glendaglamazon, halfshellvenus, idiosyncratic, improperlydone, janicechess, kantayra, kashmir1, katjad, keepaofthecheez, kisekiga, leighm, lostt1, loveisimmortal, mandyremains, marishna, maygra, meredevachon, merepersiflage, miss_begonia, missyjack, mkitty3, mona1347, monkiedude, moonmelody, moveablehistory, nasus221, notthequiettype, nymeria, ofenjen, phaballa, poisontaster, popmusicjunkie, quietdiscerning, radioactivclown, rei_c, sabrinagb, scary_lullabies, sevenfists, shewasagirl, shotofjack, starkeymonster, storydivagirl, technosage, tinkerbellcarly, tjournal, topaz119, txtequilanights, unperfectwolf, why_me_why_not, wickedsin, without_me, wook77, wrenlet

Total LJers met: Dude. A lot.

Five people on LiveJournal that you have known the longest: Mandy, Luis, Pixie, Kelly, Amy Lynn

Anyone on LJ you can't stand: Obviously. It's LJ.

Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet: Everyone that I haven't already!

Ever ban someone from commenting in your journal: Yes.

Number of comments: Posted: 75,404 - Received: 83,189

Biggest pet peeve about LJ: People who loooove to argue for the sake of arguing.

Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list: Yes.

How many journals on LiveJournal do you have: One. I do not understand how people can deal with more than one.

Communities I currently own/maintain:
birthdaywhack, cw_rps, fluffandfold, j2_otpathon, jaredp_daily, padaholics, paddyhair_pwns, quotesfromwendy, sn_flashback, spn_j2_bigbang, spn_themes, ten_inch_hero, vegetariancooks

Picture on my desktop:

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