I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

The Lance Adventure

So, you may have heard that yesterday phaballa and txtequilanights and I met Lance Bass. It? Was awesome.

Saturday, Andrea made me a CAKE. Then, we went to dinner and drank champagne and pomegranate juice and watched House of Carters, which Rachel LOVED, even though she keeps denying it. NICKY.

Then, we watched Justin's London show, which I'd never seen before. I sort of love him more and more every time I see him perform. JUSTIN.

And Lance's Tyra interview. LANCE.

Sunday, I woke everyone up with the sunrise and we went to Starbucks and then drove the 45 minutes into uptown Dallas to the bookstore. Incredibly, we were not the first people in line! We waited about an hour and a half and by then there was a whole line of people behind us. Some older woman, who was jogging by, stopped and asked me why we were in line. She gave me the sweetest "oh honey" smile when I told her.

They opened the doors, we bought our books and got our wristbands and were back in the car after about ten minutes.

We went back to my house and slept, hung out. Andrea started reading Lance's book, Rach messed around on her computer. I did chores and junk. (By which, I mean, I dorked around online.) Somewhere in there, we obtained breakfast. Then, they got all dressed up pretty and we left to see LANCE.

Got to the bookstore two hours early and got in line. We kept hearing snippets of conversation that...you just had to hear it. "Where do I get my own Joey?" was one I heard. Also, another group was conspiring about how to get Lance to call Justin and reunite him with Britney. ("And then, when it happens? We can say we were INVOLVED!!") No, really. Also, there were many people in homemade matching t-shirts, which we privately ridiculed, even though we wore matching t-shirts to see Justin. As Rachel noted: "They didn't even spring for CafePress!" Also, there was a girl in a tube top, whose back was covered in tattoos of other people's signatures. 0_o

We also met some awesome people in line. Anyway. Fast forward.

Lance steps into the vision of the crowd and the Number One Freak Girl starts making ACTUAL dolphin noises. I think my eardrums shattered. Even security looked appalled. We were about ten people back, so we got ushered in pretty quickly. Andrea did not pass out, as feared. Even when Lance spoke directly to her. ("I like your shirt.") We got autographs and pictures.

We were ushered right back out again, where we stood on the sidewalk jumping up and down. I kept grabbing Rachel's arm on the drive home and squeaking.

I know I'm forgetting important details.


Here're a couple of pictures:

Andrea and Rachel made me promise not to post any pictures of them. So.
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