I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

you're the party, baby, i'm just the guest list

Y'all. Y'ALL! I don't even know what to say! Yesterday was an amazing day. It was just filled with love and friends and wow, that's an awesome feeling. Thank you SO MUCH for all the texts and emails and birthday wishes and presents and everything else! I am beyond words.

I couldn't possibly thank each of you who wished me a happy birthday or left me a comment or sent me an e-card today because that would basically just be pasting in the names of everyone on all of LJ. *kisses each of your noses* Thank you so much. You all mean the world to me. THE WORLD.

HOW can you not love your birthday? I'll never understand. Birthdays are THE BEST!

A friend came over very unexpectedly last night and took me to dinner. It was awesome! But unexpected! So, I didn't get to read ANY of the awesome things you guys wrote yesterday. BOOOO. But tonight my plans are to pass out candy to little kids and power-read as much fic as possible. OH YES! I'm very excited.

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who said nice things about me in the love meme or whatever we're calling this version. That was amazing too! I'm especially grateful to the people I don't know who took the time to say nice things. Say hello y'all! BE MY FRIEND! *smile*

I had one comment that said: "You seem like a really nice person ... I just don't agree with anything you say on fandom, so I've never friended you."

I had no idea I had controversial fandom opinions! That's rather exciting, to be honest. SERIOUSLY!! I'm in awe.

HOW does House continue to be amazing every single week?

I think I was outed at lunch yesterday. Some of my co-workers took me out and Mark asked about my weekend. So, I was telling him all about Lance Bass. We started talking about gay guys in boy bands (he's CONVINCED on Justin Timberlake, for the record) and then Mark turned to the girl next to him, put his arm around her and said "Sorry, I hope I'm not offending the heterosexual at the table." I was all....*blinkblinkblink* (I'm not gay, also for the record.) I couldn't figure out what to say though that didn't involve stuttering, so I just let it pass.

My life is STRANGE.

OK, I'm done! Go forth and get your Halloween sugar-high on! What are you doing to celebrate today? Are you going out? Dressing up? What's your costume? What's your favorite candy? What's your best Halloween memory? I need to know EVERYTHING!
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