I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind


You guys said YES YES YES to wanting an SPN/RPS domestic challenge comm, so I give you...fluffandfold. Go have a look-see. The post for prompts will go up on Monday. (And if you want to do your own concept, without a prompt, that's ok too! I will explain more next week!)

fluffandfold! *waves hands around dramatically*

Here an interview with sweet Jared, which does include spoilers. Here's my favorite part though:

I actually just sold my home in Los Angeles and bought a home here in Vancouver under the sort of optimistic hope that Supernatural goes for a while. I've been renting here for the last two seasons and I have two big dogs and it was mean of me to not get them a yard.

I heart him so much. When I was looking for the house I live in now, I told the realtor that nothing about the house mattered, just that I had a yard big enough for my two big dogs. *beams* Jared and I are MEANT TO BE.

Also? fluffandfold.
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