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Ten Things

1. I have a small stain (probably coffee) on a white cashmere sweater. *facepalm* Is it even possible to get that out??

2. Jared beats Jensen at basketball because he has an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. *draws hearts* How can anyone possibly not love these boys?

3. txtequilanights? I officially love the CSS album you uploaded. Happy now?

4. I get phaballa again this weekend! YAAAAAY!

5. I'm reading this really good book and all I want to do is go home and finish it nownowNOW.

6. without_me got to hug Lance last night. I'm jealous.

7. I owe a lot of people emails, I promise to catch up this weekend. Life is INSANE.

8. I can hear someone at the other end of the building singing at the top of her lungs. I know she thinks she's alone and I'm embarrassed for her. I coughed loud and stuff, but I think she has headphones on.

9. I have no number nine. SAD. I remembered! How does Sandra McCoy manage to talk without moving her mouth at all? It confuses me. It also is weirdly mesmerizing.

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