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*sigh* It's November. The month when NaNo steals all my friends.

Does anyone have a Sleep Number bed? What do you think of it?

Had a really laid back weekend. Saturday, phaballa came over in the afternoon and we had Pei Wei for dinner (mmmmm, I haven't been there in forEVER) and then we watched bootleg Celebrity concert videos. It was AWESOME. I might have been a little squeeful. I seriously felt like I was there! It was amazing, 99 percent of it I'd never seen before. I'm getting hyped up again just thinking about it. I seriously could not love those boys any more if I TRIED.

Also, Andrea invented a whole new genre of music: PEMO. Want to know what that is? Click here.

Sunday I laid around and did nothing. No really, not a thing. I'm such a slacker. Whoops.

I did watch the first three episodes of Dexter. I realllly wanted to like it but I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep watching. It's soooo boring and the characters are soooo irritating.

Did you guys watch the new Amazing Race last night? What do you think? Who's your early favorite?

Ohoh! That reminds me! I FINALLY got to talk to my parents this weekend. They're stuck in the hurricane! Mom said they had to stay docked an extra day because the winds were too high for them to leave. They should be home late Tuesday night. *crosses fingers*

If you only could look at ONE picture of Jared and ONE picture of Jensen for the rest of your life, which pictures would you choose?

I want new icons.

I'm about to go make the prompt post over at fluffandfold, so go leave some domestic prompts there. It won't work if you don't play! (Prompt post is HERE.)

Let's make this an AWESOME Monday, yeah?
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