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SPN Spoilers

Whhhhhy are they making Dean stupid?

Also, when did this show become an actual farce? Was there a memo and I missed it?

Also, I HATE Bella. I get that we're meant to dislike her but I don't dislike her in that love-to-hate kinda way. More in that "makes me want to fast forward"-hate kinda way.

ALSO, I understand that they have to give Jared and Jensen some time off but I have about HAD IT with this season's habit of putting the boys together for the first five minutes and the last ten minutes and then separating them for all the time in-between. NOT ON. Also, NOT WORKING for the show.

FURTHERMORE, is Jensen actually shrinking? I swear he looks smaller every time they show him next to Jared.


Sam = so hot. He gets hotter every episode. No joke. HOT. BURNING hot. At the end? In the sweater? That showed the back of his neck? *moan* And the close ups of his face when Gert was whispering? When his lips were all pink and she put her hand in his neck curls? Seriously. I feel faint.

Gert flirting with Sam and grabbing his ass and saying that he's solid all over. HEEEE.

Sam reading Latin.

The way Sam sounded when he said "they were brothers."

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.
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