I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

Today is the birthday of two people I love dearly.

sarah_p whose good moods are unparalleled . I'd be SHOCKED if she made a whole post without capital letters! Also, she has become a vital part of my SPN-watching process as she always does the very best, most acurate musicshare posts. Love ya Sarah-baby! MWAH MWAH!


Today is topaz119's birthday! I've gotten to meet Topaz in-person, for which I am forever grateful. She is just as sweet and genuine as she is online. She also is responsible for every bit of NSync music I own and co-wrote one of my most favorite J2 stories EVAH. So much talent, generosity, personality and love. I'm honored to know you M! Have a wonderful, fabulous day.

P.S. I am SO amazingly jealous of everyone going to Chicago this week. Y'all have a blast and send Jared secret love vibes from me, ok?
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