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Sentence-a-thon Challenge: Fighting

geneli4 and I have decided that it's time for another sexy, slashy, sentence-a-thon (say that five times fast!).

Your prompt this week is....FIGHTING. (fight, fighter, fights, fought, etc.)

  • Requesters: comment with the pairing of your choice, one pairing per comment, but you're welcome to comment more than once. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre, any ideas, anything. But remember that it's only one sentence, so keep it simple!

  • Writers, here's your challenge:
    Reply to comments with a single themed porny (run-on) sentence (only one!) featuring the requested pairing.

    Also, please link back here in your journals, so your flist can play, too.

    The point here is to HAVE FUN!!! Request a sentence, write a sentence for someone else, whatever, it's all good! It's just a sentence!

    Come play! Have fun! *throws sparkles*
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