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Hellooo Monday!

Couple of cruise director-type things:

Happy birthday to veronamay, who I love so much and with such passion, that I cannot believe I've actually never met her. I feel like I KNOW Sel. She's mine. And I'm keeping her. Happy birthday lovely, I hope it was awesome and perfect.

The prompts are up for claiming at fluffandfold. PLEASE help me spread the word. The more people who play, the more yummy domestic fic we'll have to roll around in this December. And claim a prompt for yourself too, ok?

Also! geneli4 and I are hosting another Sentence-a-thon Challenge. It's right here, and this round's prompt is FIGHTING. Rawr! Go play!

And then, someone posted yesterday with this awesome link that LJ-ifies IM conversations for posting. SO COOL.

And apparently, Jared and Jensen were groping each other in public again. I'm pretty sure I read something about that on my flist yesterday. *grin* Seriously. Our fandom has the best boys EVAH.

Lookie! My icon is Sam! IN A SUIT! *beams*
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