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Prompt claims for fluffandfold close TOMORROW. There are still some awesome prompts left! Here are a couple that are unclaimed that I'd really like to see written:

  • Sam and Dean play strip poker to settle the question of whose turn it is to do laundry.

  • Sam HATES to mow the lawn, so he think of lots of ways to bribe Dean into doing it.

  • Sam and Dean discover the delights of a five star hotel - may include use of spa, an in-room massage or facial, contents of the mini-bar and a very very big bed.

  • Jensen is jealous of the attention Jared's dogs get from him, so he starts bribing them to love him more.

  • Jensen and Jared furnish a bedroom for the baby they're going to adopt and enjoy the last few days they have for just the two of them.

  • The boys go running together every morning.

  • Chris/Chad, married with kids.

  • Jensen and Chad pick up their son from soccer practice and take him out for ice cream.

    Plus about a zillion more. So! If you've been wavering, this is your chance! Go right here and claim a prompt.

    You know you want to!
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