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It’s kinda crazy these days

Everyone is doing that "ask me a question" poll but I am waaaaay too lazy for that. So, instead! How about if YOU tell ME something! Anything. Whatever you have to say, do it here.

Tell me something. Anything!

I've been thinking about Sam and Dean and Thanksgiving. I think that this year, they will find thankfulness in the mundane. Just having a meal together is cause for thankfulness, especially since next year they might not have it. What do you think? There's fic in there. *cough*

lostt1 posted holiday icons. WOOT.


Why does my DVR REFUSE to tape House? WHY? I have to actually remember what night it's on, which is so frustrating. Isn't the whole point of a DVR so that I don't have to think even a little? Sheesh TV! Stop making me work for it!
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