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Happy birthday to my sweet mickeym. Love ya to bits Kim. MWAH!

I am freaking FREEZING. I have gloves on at my desk. So not on. Also, I have a splitting headache and I feel a little like dying. (What happened to all the "Sam has a migraine" fic? I guess he doesn't really now.)

Thursday was Thanksgiving, and it was nice. I got baby time and hugs and Mom's mashed potatoes. It snowed briefly.

Friday, I bought a new mattress (*crosses fingers*) and txtequilanights and phaballa came over and we saw Kelly Clarkson in concert.

She was AWESOME. There's no stage show to speak of, it was literally just a riser with her band on it and Kelly standing at the front of the stage with a microphone. Her voice is so clear and true, it sounds the same live as it does on her CDs. She had great energy and kept talking about what her momma thought about her songs. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday, I took Max to the vet and then we ate some more of Andrea's amaaaazing apple pie for breakfast. Rachel and I saw "Enchanted," which was pretty cute, stuffed ourselves with pizza and watched awesome 80's movies.

Somewhere along the way, my computer contracted a MASSIVE virus. I have the box in my car to take to Best Buy at lunch to get fixed. Hopefully it won't take 700 years.

And now I'm back at work, and that's a big fat BOO.
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