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Questions and stuff

I'm still bored. This day will never end.

Here are the answers to some of those anon questions from the meme-thinger. If anyone asks something else, I'll answer it tomorrow.

Starbucks or porn? Pick one.
I already answered this question in a conversation with the asker, but actual experience has shown that porn trumps coffee. Who knew? I even have an icon! *points*

Do you like eggs? If so, how do prefer them cooked?
Only Eggbeaters. I can't stand the way actual eggs taste. I'll choose scrambled or cooked inside cake.

What was your first fandom? And what is it about SPN that hooked you?
Harry Potter. Wasn't that everyone's first fandom? *grin*

Jensen hooked me on SPN. That's the truth. I used to post random hot guy pics in my LJ all the time and then somebody spammed me with a bunch of Jensen pics and I said OH YES and started watching the show.

do you have a crush right now?
Does my obsessive Jared-love count as a "crush"?

What do you do to stay positive in life?
That's an interesting question because I don't actually think I AM positive very often.

But, I'd say focusing on the little things helps a lot. That's why I do the Five Things lists when I'm really down. Talking to my mom helps. Venting it all out on LJ so I can move on helps. Surrounding myself with positive people who work to lift me up (versus drag me down) helps. St. John's Wart helps. Happy music, happy fic...it all helps.

the new year to come- gut instinct: positive trends? worsening? about-the-same?
Positive. I'm changing EVERYTHING come January. It's gotta be better.

Do you believe that all goals are attainable?
I feel like maybe this is meant to be a trick question but I'll still say yes. If you truly want something and dedicate yourself to it 100 percent, you'll probably get it.

What's one thing you don't fancy about yourself but found out at least one person likes?
Also a hard question since I generally either hide or deny the things I hate about myself. But the first thing that comes to mind is my appearance. I had an ex-boyfriend who used to always tell me how beautiful I was. I finally asked him to stop because it made me so freaking uncomfortable. I felt like he was saying it because he thought it was something he was supposed to say.

what's your favorite song of the moment?
Year 3000 by The Jonas Brothers. It makes me so freaking HAPPY. I'm only a little ashamed.

Who are you embarrassed to admit has influenced your life? *grin*
The Indigo Girls. Sometimes I think they've looked inside me and written out my life's story. I never would have survived college without them. Everyone else who has influenced me, I'll happily cop to!

What is your favorite part of Sam's face?
Easy. His dimples. NGGHHHH. But really, I think his entire face is pretty much perfect. Body too. *grin*

what is your favorite pair of socks?
The purple and pink fuzzy ones that I sleep in and never wear in public.

Do you realize that you're pretty?
Oh SHHHH! *blush*
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