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i dont care about my guilty pleasure for you

Last night I took an Ambien and was laying in bed all groggy and mandyremains called to talk to me about SOMETHING AWESOME and I'm pretty sure I managed to respond with actual sentences and not slurred words but I cannot be sure because I completely forgot that we'd even talked until she called me again today and I saw her name on my caller id. Whoops. More on Mandy in a sec.

I woke up at 7:30 a.m. today, despite the sleeping pill. Ah boo. I miss sleeping in. Anyway, I completed the great mattress swap-out today (one place came and took the old one, the other place delivered my new one) and I can't WAIT to go to bed tonight. I have my "Mrs. Jared Padalecki" shirt already laid out to sleep in. I'm hoping it'll bring me good dreams. Also, my mom sent me the softest flannel sheets EVER. I can't wait to crawl onto them tonight and SLEEP. *crosses fingers*

I left around noon and went to visit my Mom. She's babysitting Addison this weekend and I got so jealous talking to her Friday that I decided to spontaneously go visit today. I didn't tell her I was coming or anything so it was really fun to just show up at her door and surprise her.

I got to hold the baby for HOURS and she is ADORABLE. So much personality. She is such an amazing kid and I love her so much. We played and laughed and she crawled all over me and I kissed her little face and it was amazing. It also is possible I shared some of my pumpkin pie blizzard with her too. (I'm not above bribery.)

Then I came home to rest up because mandyremains is HERE. That was her news...that she was spontaneously coming to Dallas to visit. She's with her family tonight (WHATEVER!) but I will commence stalking her tomorrow. Loooove My Mandybear!

Also, I washed a soap dispenser in the dishwasher tonight and foam started POURING out all over the floor....JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES. It was simultaneously awesome and terrifying.

My home computer was in the shop all last week. I picked it up Thursday and brought it home to find out that the exact thing I took it in for, was STILL THERE. So, back it went on Friday. I have my laptop but I really don't like reading LJ on it, so. I'm here and I'm trying to read but hopefully I will have my real computer back on Monday. (Or someone at Best Buy is LOSING AN EYE.)

Oh! ONE MORE THING. I'm going to ask this now, but no one will see it because I'm posting on a Saturday night and I'll have to re-ask on Monday but ANYWAY.

Who had my SPN mood theme hosted for me? Not this J2 I have now, but my previous SPN one? I know SOMEONE was kind enough to host it for me but I can't remember WHO, which makes me feel a bit like an ungrateful bitch and I'm sorry. BUT. I need a zip of that mood theme and I can't FIND it and I need HELP. *flail* Anybody?
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