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it's just space and time

All night I dreamed about Jared Padalecki and babies. It's driving me CRAZY. I need those fluffandfold fics SO BAD!

Also, I've been re-reading Monogatari this week and finished it yesterday. This morning, a black Range Rover pulled in front of me in traffic and I swear to you that I got a full body flush. Y'all. That's not a normal reaction!

I have a question about Sam and Dean and killing humans.

I know that technically Sam killed a hunter while he was possessed but I'm not counting that because it wasn't a death Sam could control.

Also, I know the show has gone to great lengths in S3 to tell us that possessed people are still humans and killing them is killing a human host, blah blah blah blah (a la Madison, crossroads demons, seven deadly sins, etc.) but. I'm not counting those either.

Sam killed Jake, who was wholly human. Have we seen him kill any other non-possessed humans? How about Dean? Has he ever killed a human?

Lastly, have a song: Devotion by Indigo Girls.

I've had enough temporary acquisitions, building fences for no gain
Taking dead trees down for the winter freeze,
I said "let 'em rot and fall where they may."
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