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There is happy EVERYWHERE!

First of all, happy birthday poisontaster! *throws confetti* I am forever grateful that you allowed me to monopolize so much of your time at WinCon. IHOP for the win! I adore you babe. Have a truly awesome and wonderful birthday.


I just opened mkitty3's Christmas card. You know how people SAY "omg I'm making dolphin noises"?? Well, I ACTUALLY DID. It's just...and then...and YES. I already emailed Michelle encouraging her to post it NOW NOW NOW. It's just...awesome. And I am in such a good mood now! *beams*

jamesinboots mentioned that she likes it when Sam's hair is all flippy. I AGREE. Of course, I pretty much love everything about Sam's hair. Always have. You should show me some pics of Sam's sexass hair. *grins*

This morning in Starbucks, there was this adorable little girl, probably six-ish. She was wearing the local private school uniform, which is a white Oxford shirt and a red plaid skirt. She had on sparkly red Dorthy shoes and a SANTA HAT! The guy took her mom's order and said "anything else?" And the little girl pipes up with "AND A COOKIE!" It was the cutest thing ever-ever.

Lastly? A meme!

Comment with things that you think people reading this LJ ought to know about me. If you were describing my LJ to someone who was trying to decide whether to read it, what would you say?

Happy Wednesday! ANTM, Crowned AND Project Runway! Three hours of bitchy, pretty people on my TV tonight! Yaaaaaay!

ETA: PINK ICONS! *runs around in hyper circles*
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