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I stack my money, lay low, and chill

So, yesterday in this poll I asked you guys if Dean buys a Christmas present for the Impala. But it actually was SAM who bought the Impala a present. This pleases me. *beams*

Someone will do icons for this episode ASAP, yes?

I'm looking for some music...can y'all help me?
-Colbie Caillat's CD, or at least the song "Bubbly," which I love. I think txtequilanights and I heard that song on the radio 700 times in my car. And every time we were like...what is THIS? WE LIKE IT! And then we'd forget its existence until we heard it again.
-"This is the Way I Live" by Baby Boy. Because I like it.

Tonight I am going to drink hot chocolate and Bailey's and watch Love Actually and wrap Christmas presents, while wearing flannel PJs. It's going to be so amazing and calm and fun. I can't wait!

Also! fluffandfold FICS ON MONDAY! OMG!
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