I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

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People have started posting fluffandfold fics! This is soooo exciting!!

The production manager just gave me a whole tin full of chocolate-covered espresso beans. MMMMM. I sense impending hyperness!

without_me sent me magnets with half-undressed men on them! SCORE. And there's rope! And TATTOOS! Best present ever!

I got a card from my dermatologist saying that I needed to come in ASAP for a check-up. I called to find out WHY and they literally could not tell me. I know it's just for a "hey, everything is fine" check-in, but...if the doctor can't tell me WHY I need to come in, what makes them think I'm going to spontaneously make an appointment to come in? Because I want to make that co-pay out of the goodness of my heart? *confused*

This is the most boring entry ever. I'm going to read some domestic schmoopyness!
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