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i only want to be with you

Things at work are so freaking weird right now. I'm trying hard not to care (six days left!) but still. Awkward.

I am getting so sick. My sinuses are killing me and my nose is running. Not really surprising since the baby is sick and she sneezed full in my face at least twice on Christmas. *sigh*

This morning the Starbucks woman told me I looked exhausted. Thanks?

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me holiday cards and Christmas texts and virtual gifts. I've been crap about thanking people individually, but my heart (and bulletin board!) is full. And I appreciate you guys so much. I'd be lost without you, for real.

In other news...

I hate New Years Eve. OK, "hate" is a strong word. But it's such a non-holiday holiday. There's all this PRESSURE. It always feels like there should be some big party and when there isn't, it's a letdown. And the couple of times I HAVE been to a big NYE party, it was horrible.

For the last few years, I've just had a little celebration with me and the dogs and it's worked out great and makes me happy. I make special food and watch whatever TV show I'm inhaling on DVD at the moment and that's pretty much it. I know it sounds lame, but I enjoy it a great deal.

Anywhoo. What are YOU doing to celebrate NYE this year?
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