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Happy New Year's Eve!

  • This is my last Monday at this job. It's both very exciting and extremely terrifying.

  • I...ok. This embarrasses me a little to admit, but. I just "discovered" evil!Sam stories this weekend. Not like, Sam is an evil bastard who slaughters millions and makes me want to puke. Because that? Is NOT my Sam. But Sam who is fighting with his Boy King status. And y'all. They were GOOD STORIES. And now I want MORE. And I have steadfastly avoided all evil!Sam stories (except eboniorchid's evil!Sam 'verse, which even I could not resist) so I don't even really know what's out there. So. *scuffs shoe on floor* If you wanted to rec me something, that'd be cool...

  • I started reading The Spiderwick Chronicles as prep for seeing the movie, which looks awesome. They're so freaking good! I love the characters and the set-up and all of that. I got the first one from the library and it was super-short. Seriously, less than 1,000 words, it probably took me 15 minutes to read it cover-to-cover. I went Saturday to get the rest of the series and was only slightly ashamed to realize that they aren't even young adult books, like Harry Potter. They're actual juvenile fiction. Whoops? STILL. AWESOME. And you should read them too. That's my real point here.

  • I reallllly wanted some Chad icons and my flist came through for me because they also? ARE AWESOME! keyweegirlie has an amaaazing set right here and vileseagulls has a super pretty set right here. Mmmmm, CHAD! Go getcha some icons and tell the makers how much you love them for helping to spread the Chad-love! New One Tree Hill in ONE WEEK! Yaaaaay!

  • OK, so it's New Year's Eve. Can you believe it? Where did 2007 GO? I want to know the very BEST thing that happened to you in 2007. Tell me.

  • Also, I am fascinated by New Year's resolutions. Are you making any this year? What are they? Did you keep the ones you made last January?

  • Y'ALL. Tomorrow is a New Year! A new beginning! A chance to start fresh. That's pretty amazing, if you think about it. COME ON 2008!

  • Wheeeere is all the J2 NYE fic? Watching the ball drop? Kissing at midnight? Getting tipsy off champagne and confessing true love? Jensen making a resolution to mentally deal with Jared's messiness? Jared resolving to blow Jensen every night for a year? WHERE IS THE FIC?
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