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it keeps coming up anyhow

Yesterday, I had to go pick up a couple of things from Wal-Mart. While I was there, I found this AWESOME AC/DC hoodie. It's so soft inside and super comfy. You know Dean has one too and wears it when he wants to feel snuggly.

Shut up. Sometimes Dean Winchester likes to feel snuggly, ok??

I spent all day yesterday mainlining season six of Scrubs. I NEED TO KNOW what happens in season seven. Who wants to spoil me? Pretty please?

Then, I read a bazillion incredible and intense evil!Sam fics. Then, I read a sweet SPN fic where Sam was all lovey and adorable and I kept thinking "DON'T FALL FOR IT DEAN! HE'S EVIL!!!!" and THEN I realized that it was a "normal" SPN fic and not an evil!Sam fic, and err...maybe I should take a break from that for a bit?

So, I read several J2 fics in order to clear my mental palette. Finally, I stumbled on balefully's hooker fic, which left me so dizzy and dazed that I couldn't even leave her actual feedback. All I could do was sort of stare off into space in a weird happy blissful state. Finally, I got up and took a shower and went to bed because that was all I had the mental capacity left to handle. *hands*

This morning I went into Starbucks and talked to a moderately attractive guy waiting in line behind me. Then, he went outside and got into a Mustang. All I could think about was Kripke saying that his neighbor (or whoever) told him that Mustangs were pussy cars, which is why Dean doesn't drive a Mustang.

However! I did get the best latte ever and I sort of wish I had about twelve more, right now.
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