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Dean's birthday, some comms, body image

I never make real posts on a Sunday, this feels weird...


Last year, I put this together: How Dean Spent His Birthday and it was a freaking blast, so how would you feel about doing it again? Y/Y?

OK then, here's your challenge: Let's have some fic about how Dean celebrates his birthday! *beams*

His actual birth date is January 24, so I'd suggest posting new stuff then. If you link me to it, I'll do a master list after the fact. If everyone is too busy and doesn't actually CARE about Dean and there's no fic written then we never had this conversation. *waves hand in front of your face*

By now, you already know about abouttwoboys, but do you know that slashfest is taking prompt suggestions right now? It is! So, go join both those comms and make some suggestions and get us some awesome new fic to read.

I'm also excited about fandom_reads. I've tried to do several reading groups on LJ and they never seem to work out but the mods are really enthusiastic about this one, so I'm hoping it will. Go play!

Can I put a personal update in the same post as a fandom cruise director-ish update? I say YES!

Friday was my last day at work. My boss sent me home at 10:30 a.m., so even that was anti-climactic. But good! And over!

In the last two days, I have gotten more accomplished than in the last two years. Seriously. Time is such a GIFT and I'm trying to make the most of it. (And I want to write this down so I remember in six months when I'm bored and wanting to claw my own eyes out.) I've run errands and slept late and cleaned house and...it's just been awesome.

Next week I have to drive into: Denton. Fort Worth. Dallas. AND Flower Mound. And my Dad said I'd save gas money once I no longer had a daily commute. HAHA!

I've become re-addicted to the show "What Not to Wear." I make my DVR record it and I can watch an episode in about 25 minutes (skipping the boring parts, natch.) Well, the other day they played an ep where they dressed a woman who looked just like me! It was scary. She was about my size and shape. She even wore sarcastic t-shirts! (She wore cardigans instead of hoodies and tennis shoes instead of Converse. Even I know better then THAT. Converse are RETRO.)

Anyway, it was really interesting to see what they did to her and how they made her over. Of course, I hated every outfit she ended up with but maybe that's beside the point.

After that, I got sucked into the show "How to Look Good Naked." I've only seen it once so I don't really understand if it's a series or just a one-time thing.

But anyway, they take this big fat girl and strip her down to her underwear and make her point out everything she hates about herself (I have back fat, my thighs are huge, etc.) Then, they point out everything awesome about her that she didn't acknowledge (your skin is amazing, you have great cleavage, your calves are perfect, etc.) And she cries and cries. Etc.

But the really interesting part was when they took her into a room and there were ten women, all in their underwear, in a line. They were all big girls, but still beautiful. And they were lined up from biggest to smallest. So they asked the main woman to look at herself and then look at the other women and to put herself into line where she belonged on the "bigness scale." (They didn't say it that way.) So she did and, of course, she was wrong and ended up putting herself in a place where she was off on her own hip measurement by eight inches. Which is A LOT. Which just illustrates how warped the way people see their own body is. SO interesting.

And then they showed video of a thin woman walking down the street wearing a slinky dress, a medium woman in a frumpy dress and a big woman in a huge, bulky man's sweater. And, of course, after they took the black bars off, it was all the same woman, just wearing different outfits that made her look different ways. FASCINATING.

I don't really know what my point is with all that, I've just been thinking about it constantly. Body acceptance is not an easy thing, but man. I want to get there. I really, really do.

And now? This coffee I made is horrible, so I'm off to Starbucks. Happy Sunday y'all!
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