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SPN MPREG Masterlist

For a fandom that prides itself on having no lines what-so-ever, I was able to find surprisingly few MPREG fics.

Here are the ones I did find, both SPN and J2. If you know of others, please link me!

Two caveats:
-No WIPs, fics must be completed. If a 'verse or series is still having new chapters posted, wait and link me when it's finished.
-Baby!fic is NOT the same thing as MPREG.


  • An Unusual Predicament of Utmost Import by ifyouweremine -- (Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen, R, 2,567 words) -- One day, Dean woke up as a kitten. Things went downhill from there.

  • And They Don't Even Call The Next Morning by halfshellvenus -- (Sam, Dean, PG-13, 3,400 words) -- A pregnant man may not be an Act of God, but insurance sure as hell won't cover it regardless.

  • Boy, One Day You’ll Be A Man by laminy -- (Sam/Dean, R, 4,351 words) -- Sam’s jeans start to fit a little tighter.

  • Breakfast of Champions by wednesday_ghost -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- Sam and Dean face a sticky situation that should have been hilarious, but ends up angsty.

  • Expecting by cathybites -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- Dean is in denial and Sam is helpful. Or, maybe it's the other way around.

  • Five Times Dean Winchester Did Not Get Knocked Up by ifyouweremine -- (Dean/Various, PG-13) -- Crackfic!

  • Frosty by sprbitch1313 -- (Sam, Dean, PG-13) -- Dean gets knocked up with fairy babies.

  • Hellboy by amara_m -- (John, Sam, Dean, R, 3,309 words)-- See....John gets kidnapped and...

  • I Put a Spell on You (Because You're Mine) by estrella30 -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 3,000 words) -- Mpreg, wingfic, slight mention of tentacles. No, really!

  • Just a Brass Diamond Ring by lyra_wing -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- This story is not fluff and the ending still rips me up.

  • The Killing Moon by poisontaster -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- Quasi-apocalyptic futurefic.

  • Look What Love Has Done by laminy -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- Three VOLUMES of Mpreg!

  • The Old Gods Return by fleshflutter -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 16,154 words) -- It's about exactly what the title suggests. Another not-fluff story.

  • Res Gestae by dreamlittleyo -- (Sam/OFC, Sam/Dean, R, 10,237 words) -- When Dean disappears on a hunt, the last thing Sam expects is the help of another psychic in trying to find him. The search doesn't go well, and when Dean walks back into his life, it's with news that tears the world out from under them both.

  • The Seeds of Vengeance by isolde13 -- (Dean, Sam, YED, R) -- Dean feels it right away. The sense that something is wrong with his brother.

  • The Well by coruscant_exile -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- The spirit of the wishing well is coming for its victims - and they're running out of time.


  • And Then There Were Three by sammyndeansgrl1 -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17) -- Jared's got a bun in the oven.

  • Hired by the Cowboy by kashmir1 -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 13,500 words) -- Jared Padalecki is good at looking after himself - he's been doing it all his life. So what if he's alone and pregnant? He'll cope! But gorgeous cowboy Jensen Ackles seems determined to take care of him. And Jared can help him - Jensen needs a temporary wife; Jared needs somewhere to start all over again. A short-term marriage will solve all their difficulties! As Jared gets to know the courageous, honorable Jensen, he realizes that he might have made the biggest mistake of his life. Because all this wife-for-hire wants is a marriage for real!

  • Pregnant By The Cowboy by kashmir1 -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 3,800 words) -- A year after falling in love, Jared and Jensen work together to build their family.

  • What the Fuck Barbecue Exclamation Point by strippedpink -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,330 words) -- Jared is INSANE. Or something.

    ETA: There are a ton more links in the comments that I haven't had a chance to add yet. So, look there too!
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