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Have you seen the spoiler pics from 3:11 -- Jus in Bello yet? *bites hand* I consider those pictures VERY SPOILER-EY and normally I think nothing is a spoiler, so. Use your judgment. Still. AHHHHH! The show may FINALLY have pushed too many of my buttons at one time. I feel faint. *fans self*

So, yesterday missyjack and I were talking about how Jared and I are going to meet in Austin, fall madly in love, get married and the rest of you will have to read all about it in the tabloids. And then I started thinking...Where's the J2 version of that? Jared is a big star and Jensen is some joe-schmo with a normal job (bank teller? bus driver?) but he loves Jared's "work." So they meet at some fan con and have a conversation about some random mutual interest and Jared asks Jensen to go get some coffee and they DO and it becomes TRUE LOVE.

That'd be a good fic, I'd read it.

Also? I really want to read a Jensen-at-the-spa fic. Someone write that too!

And also? cathybites made this faaaaabulous drawing of demon!Sam having his way with Dean (very NC-17) and pretty much all I could manage in response was "OMG THE TAIL." And so. Cathy joked that there should be a fic challenge around the tail. No, but seriously. I want fic about THE TAIL. (Don't look at me that way. It's just JC's tentacle penis, uhm, attached to a demon. Or something.)

Feel inspired yet? *beams*
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