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Three SPN Recs

Usually I don't like to rec things that have more than two pages of comments. I figure...people already have found the stories, there's no need. But I want to keep these links for me, because these all are stories I want to read again. And again.

If, by some chance, you haven't read them yet, then I hope you will.

And now, I am done reccing for awhile. Whoooo!

  • And So Awakens Devils by concernedlily -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- Dean returns from Hell to find the world not how he left it. It takes a lot for me to love an evil!Sam story, but this one did it by keeping me just as off-balance about what's going on as Dean. Also, Sam isn't a monster, always a plus in my book. And I love the relationship the develops between Sam and Dean. I had to go back two days later and read the entire thing over again because it was so stuck in my mind.

  • Arctic Radar by musesfool -- (Sam,Dean, PG, 990 words) -- Sam knew there were lots of things he still didn't know about Dean. The past two and a half years had been full of startling revelations, and this was possibly the most startling of all. This fic is freaking ADORABLE. I almost never read gen fic so the fact that I'm reccing one should tell you something.

  • Make the Yuletide Gay By nomelon -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 5,400 words)-- A coda to A Very Supernatural Christmas. What DID Sam do with those skin mags and that shaving cream? This is a very sexy first time story, with a little angst and a lot of hesitancy and conflicted feelings.
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