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Friday night, I went over to my Mom's house. She made me homemade veggie fajitas (my favorite!). She was cooking and I was sitting there icing cookies and I was just hit with this WAVE of love for my Mom. After dinner, Addison came over to visit, so I got to love over her too (also my favorite!) She had on pink footie-PJs. I could DIE it was so cute. When I left, my Dad hugged me good bye and whispered "I don't need another baby, YOU'RE my baby." Y'all. I liked to burst into tears right there. My Dad isn't normally an emotional person. It was an amazing moment.

So, yeah. Lots of parental love.

I spent all day Saturday looking for a shirt to wear next weekend in Austin. Everything I liked didn't fit and everything that fit, I didn't like. *sadface* I just want ONE nice, new shirt with sleeves! It's January! You wouldn't think finding sleeves would be such an issue!

I did find this one awesome, swingy shirt that was runched (?) at the top and the bottom and made me look all thin-ish and adorable. But it has this wide, boatline neck that was hideous. I just couldn't do it. *big sigh* ONE SHIRT! That's all I'm asking for!

So, I've already admitted I'm re-addicted to What Not to Wear. And I gotta know...what's the deal with all these people naming their boobs? Is this just one of those rites of passage like sneaking out of your house or plucking your eyebrows, that I completely MISSED? I don't understaaaaand. (I'm talking like, "Fred and Ginger" or "Betty and Wilma" or even "The Girls." My boobs are not separate entities and I rather think I like it that way!)

So, I need to know.

Poll #1120594 Dear Crack Poll, it's been awhile.

Do you refer to your boobs by name?

Yes, everyone does this. Duh.
No, and I don't call my hands or ears by separate names either.

If you said yes, what name and how did you choose it?

Do you call any other body part by a separate name?

Anything else to add?

My other chore is to try and figure out what I want Jared to sign next Saturday. I'm kinda MEH about pictures because I have three autographed pics of him just sitting in a pile on my dresser. I don't know what to DO with them. But then, maybe one of the lion cub pics would be more frameable then just a big head shot? I guess my DVDs will be my back-up. I dunno, I just wish I had a really GOOD idea.

ETA: I'm not having Jared sign my boobs. But nice try!
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