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Hey guys! It's 6 a.m.! But I can't wait anymore to talk a little about Jared!

I'm pretty sure video of the panel already has been posted (I haven't seen it yet), so I won't go into all of that now. If I think something cool was left out, I'll add it in later or if there's something you want to know, holler.

Also, annkiri posted a good recap of our group's activities here so I won't re-do that either!

But what I WILL post about is my photo and autograph experiences.

We got in line for the photos, which were first thing. As we get up to the door, I start slightly freaking once I can see him. Very first thing I notice? His sexy hair. It's all loose and soft and long. Mmmm. I was a little surprised to see that though while he IS very tall, he also was smaller than I expected. His waist and hips are tiny. I guess this is why Sam wears seven shirts and a jacket in every episode, to balance that out. His legs are looooong. Anyway, he looked AMAZING but not like, gigantor in the corner or anything. Just like a normal guy. Well, like an extremely hot normal guy. But, you know what I mean!

So anyway, Ann gets her pic taken, Glenda gets her pic taken , and then it's my turn! I walk over, sliiiide my arm around him and silently freak the heck out. He had this stool next to him, so if people were tall, he'd stand and if they were short, he'd sit. Ann is tall, so he stood. Glenda was tall so he stood. Well, I am short but I'd already snuggled up to him, so this happened:

Wendy: *internally freaking out*
Jared: Oh hey, should I sit or stand, or...
Wendy: *deer in headlights blank stare*
Jared: I could sit or...
Wendy: *deer in headlights blank stare*
Jared: OR! I could just smoosh down a little...
Wendy: *deer in headlights blank stare*

And so, he did indeed just bend in half and put his face down by mine. Which was awesome. But....*facepalm* Then, Glenda and Ann came back over and Jared pulled me even tighter up against him (literally, I was touching him from my head all the way down to my foot) and the four of us took a picture together while I rubbed his back in little circles. Then Glenda and Ann kindly swept me out of the room before I was asked to speak again.

The panel was amazing and really interesting. We were in the third row, dead center and Jared made lots of eye contact and I really felt like he was talking just to me. It was very relaxed and conversational. I could have sat there listening to him for hours.

I asked the question about Sam's motivation and how it's changed. (Jared says that right now Sam is driven completely by his love for his brother. AWWWW!)

Also, the "I loved Gordon to death" "LITERALLY" exchange was me. *beams*

Oh man, I really could have stuck my thumb into his dimples. They are so deep I could DROWN.

After panel, we did autographs. Sandy and Jared's brother (who looks JUST like him, long legs and arms, with the same nose and hair, even the sideburns!) were sitting in the back of the room chatting. I sort of love that they were all just hanging out, watching Jared do his thing, waiting for him to be done so they could get on with the rest of their day.

I had a picture of Jared with the lion cub for him to sign. When I slid it across the table, he grinned SO BIG. I asked him if that was a fun experience or a whipping. He said it was awesome and that when the trainer handed him the cub, he said "watch out, she's really wild today" and Jared was just like...errrr! He said the cub was squirming all over the place and kept scratching him and he was laughing and couldn't hold a straight face. He also said that she smelled. "I guess you don't think about it but it's a wild animal. They smell." HAHA. Oh Jared.

He was just non-stop smiles and made a point to actually speak to every person for a minute or so while he was signing. He also made a point to say each person's name. It was really nice.

Overall, I was really impressed with the time he took to speak to each fan and answer every question. It's clear he likes being the center of attention but it also is clear that he GETS that this is a meaningful experience for fans and he wants to be sure everyone comes away happy and satisfied.

He just seems like a really good, happy guy. Who just happens to be made of sex.

My camera decided to die about halfway through the panel, so I REALLY hope other people post pictures as these are all pretty blurry. Still. JARED.

Have a look-see.


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