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Some stuff!

Lest you forget, Dean's birthday is in two days! Awww, poor guy. Do you think Sam'll get him a cake?

I want to give some major props to missyjack and SuperWiki. It is such an amazing resource and Missy works really hard on it. Our fandom is SO LUCKY to have so much stuff gathered into one place like that. When I was in Austin, I did a quick post to spn_texas looking for con pics (because my camera died halfway through Jared's panel) and in 2.2 seconds someone commented saying that Missy already was gathering links for SuperWiki. It's just awesome. And y'all should give missyjack some major love for all her hard work.

Apparently, thechadathon has opened for business and I missed it!! It looks like they're taking prompts now, so go give some. Or, just write me some dirty Chad fic. That'd work too! *grins*

I want 7,000 new Jared icons. How can I possibly be so in love with him? I'm almost started to be embarrassed for myself. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!

I've been thinking every so slightly about hosting a fandom chat Friday night. Anyone interested? I'll post about it again between now and then, but keep it in mind. They're always a lot of fun. It'll be on Yahoo, since AIM still crashes my computer.

I am feeling really overwhelmed with life, which makes NO SENSE since my life is about as stripped down as it's possible to be right now. I think I just really need to get some new routines set up. I don't do well just flying by the seat-of-my-pants. I need a plan! (phaballa was probably just mouthing those words behind my back as I said them!)

Anyway, now I have to go work on a metric ton of homework that I haven't started on yet. Whoops.
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