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Today is Dean Winchester's 29th birthday.

Dear Dean:

Happy birthday baby! In your honor today, I will: listen to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, drink a beer from a bottle, have an extra cup of coffee, drive my car too fast, smirk at pretty girls, vanquish evil wherever possible, and daydream about making out with Sam.

Dean, I know you don't want him to but I am confident that Sam is going to find you a way out of that deal and you'll live to see 30. It's gonna happen.

In the meantime, please keep an eye on Sammy. And continue being a hotass.

Love always and forever,

Last night I had a four-hour class that ended at 10 p.m. It was after midnight before I got to bed, which is VERY, VERY late for me. Bleh. (Yes, this IS what I have to complain about in life right now!)

The campus librarian did a presentation about library services, remote access, etc. and she spent 20 minutes (no, really) talking about Boolean logic searches. She even drew a diagram with the intersecting circles. No, REALLY. How can people possibly not know that? Even if you don't know the technical NAME, you gotta be familiar with the CONCEPT. Argh.

THEN! She spent 20 more minutes talking about what an interlibrary loan is. Now, I know it's a leap, but based SOLELY ON THE NAME, I'd ASSUME it's a loan between libraries. RADICAL IDEA. People had no clue that even existed. Seriously!! I can clearly remember being at the library and talking to my t-ball coach while I waited for the librarian to bring me back a Laura Ingalls Wilder biography I'd ordered through an interlibrary loan. I was forced (against my will) to play t-ball in the second and third grades. So. I at least knew by THIRD GRADE! AHHHHHH!

*clears throat*

But, I was saved from gouging my own eyes out by reading emails on my blackberry about cupcakes. And tentacles. And Roman history. And all three together. No, seriously. It was amaaaazing.

I'm off now to have lunch with a friend and her brand new two-month old baby. Bye you guys! *blows kisses*
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