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Prompt Dump Post

I keep a running list of story prompts on my computer. Some are good, some are horrible. All of them are just sketchy IDEAS. But I've decided that it's time to release them all into the wild! WOO. There is nothing unique or special or complicated, I just thought it might be fun to point and laugh.

But! If you feel inspired, please feel free to grab something and you know, write me some porn about it. *grins*

  • Jared expects Jensen to give him a present on Sam's birthday.

  • J2: one of the boys gives the other a series of rings...nipple/ear ring, key ring, cock ring, engagement/commitment/wedding ring

  • Sam/Dean: I want Sam to give Dean something before he leaves for Stanford...his bracelet, maybe? And I want Dean to wear it forever and for Sam to be pleased when he sees it after they're reunited.

  • Sam/Dean: the boys do laundry and then have sex on the clean clothes

  • 18-year-old Sam bails Dean out of jail. Dean swipes a pair of handcuffs on the way out and uses them when he tells Sam thank you.

  • Jared and Jensen pick out a new bed together.

  • I was thinking about when Jensen goes away on trips. And about how much Jared REALLY wants to go pick him up from the airport but he can't because you know, people. So he'd have to get a car from the service and just wait and wait and wait outside the airport until Jen finally came out. Then Jared would get his attention and Jen's whole face would light up when he saw him. He'd climb in the car and they'd hug and smooch and be so happy to be reunited.

  • Jared comes over to surprise Jen during hiatus (or sometime that they've been separated) and Jared finding Jen asleep in one of Jared's t-shirts and Jen admitting that he sleeps in them all the time

  • Sam finds the blanket he was wrapped in the night of the fire hidden in one of Dean's bags.

  • SPN: Clothes get ruined, the boys choose outfits for each other to buy/wear. Silly or sexy?

  • Jensen bringing home a lion cub to cheer up Jared whenever he has a bad day...

  • J2: Scooby doo AU

  • Sam/Dean: reunion sex after the boys have been separated for several weeks

  • March 14 is Pi Day! (Versus January 23 being Pie Day.) And you know Sam makes Dean celebrate that too, in retaliation. And like, Sam works math problems in sharpie marker on Dean's naked back. Or something.

  • Jensen at the spa fic

    Also, there are about 700 fluffandfold prompts that I REALLY wanted but never got written. I can't decide if I should steal and re-post those or not...

    If you have prompts to dump, please feel free to post them in comments. Maybe you'll inspire someone else. Maybe you won't. Troll the comments and see if you get a bunny.

    It'll be FUN.
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