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Ten Things I Love About Today

I am trying so hard not to throw my two cents in on a situation that has NOTHING to do with me. But man, I really want to. I actually had to get up from the computer for a few minutes until the urge passed. Does this happen to other people?

In any case, it's time to re-focus, so.

Ten Things I Love About Today:

1. TWO DAYS to new SPN. Winchesters! ON MY TV!

2. I woke up with Max's nose pressed right against my stomach. He was sound asleep and all cuddled up to me. He's just so adorable and sweet.

3. I have read some awesome fic in the last couple of days and can't wait to rec it to you!

4. Tonight I'm having dinner with an old work buddy and I cannot WAIT to get all the gossip and scoop from work since I left!

5. Everyone on my flist who is excited about Big Bang and plotting these AMAZING stories. I can barely restrain myself from saying "OMG LET ME READ THAT RIGHT NOW!!" *sigh* June, people! JUNE.

6. Getting to see Jared and Jensen (oh yeah and some of my fave fangirls!!) again in two months.

7. I have two little t-shirts for Addison. One says "World's Sweetest Valentine" and the other says "My Daddy Only Thinks He's In Charge!" I get to see her on Sunday and I am VERY EXCITED. Today? I'm buying her pink, high-top Converse. *beams*

8. My ipod. Somehow I got out of the habit of listening to it. But now it's like, I have a CRUSH on it. I want to listen to it all the time! My music is awesome! It makes me SO HAPPY.

9. The laundry is done! The dishes are done! The groceries are bought!

10. I was going to pick a picture of both Jared and Jensen to post as number ten but I got distracted by my Photobucket and couldn't choose. Maybe I'll do a picspam later of all the photos that distract me. THERE ARE MANY. So, I'll make number ten....being distracted by pretty boys who are awesome. AWESOME I SAY. *beams*

Now YOU tell me some things about today that make YOU super happy!

P.S. I had a version of WinZip that I used for years. And I had to have some work done on my computer a few months ago and the removed it. So I downloaded another copy. Except now it keeps EXPIRING. I don't really have to keep re-downloading this every 45 days, right? I know there's a trick! Someone tell me!
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