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It's Monday!

I just spent two solid hours assessing references for school. My brain hurts. *rubs temples* What I'm learning is interesting, but it's really challenging. I don't know, college wasn't difficult for me the first time around so finding myself struggling now is a unique experience. I don't like it! But at the same time, I keep trying to remind myself that this is why I'm in school. If I already knew everything, then I wouldn't need school. Right?!?!

Just in case you haven't heard about it yet, check out this post about svmadelyn's Fifth Annual Valentine's Day Game. All you do is email Mad something you love about 14 people (or less) and she assembles them into a giant anonymous love meme. It's really fun to see people get excited, so I encourage you to go play. I also encourage you to really look closely at your flist and "spend" your 14 Valentines on the people you love the most, the people you interact with every day. Maybe the authors or icon makers that you sometimes forget to leave feedback for. Or even the awesome person who comments on all your entries even though you don't have them friended. Spread the love!

Yesterday was pretty much the best Superbowl EVER. Mostly because I wasn't subjected to even one single second of football. Instead, I played with my baby and fed her orange slices and took her to Target (our first outing together!) and dressed her up in a bunch of clothes like a little doll and then took a two hour nap with her asleep on my chest. It was pretty much a perfect day.

I had an idea for a silly LJ game but I have to leave for campus in three hours, so maybe we'll play tomorrow. Cool? Love you guys!
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