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Ten Random Things

1. I am so freaking sleepy and no amount of caffeine or rest is waking me up. I'm so tired that I'm having trouble concentrating. It sucks. I do not approve.

2. Tomorrow I have to go all the way into Dallas to pick up my new retainer and then all the way back into Lewisville to get my oil changed and then all the way into Fort Worth to see my parents. Too. Much. Driving.

3. Ooooohhh! Maybe I'll go to Sprinkles while I'm near the ortho's office...

4. This weekend, my parents and I are going to College Station for one of my brother's very best friend's wedding. I've known Jon since he was 12! Awww, they grow up so fast! It should be a fun time.

5. I went shopping today to find something to wear to the wedding and it was horrible. Everything is either teeny-tiny or huge. Where are the clothes in between those two options???

6. I feel completely disconnected from everyone on LJ. *sadface*


8. Last night, my professor spent 15 minutes complaining about traffic. 15 more minutes talking about what she got for dinner (McDonalds, which she brought to class due to the traffic.) And 20 more minutes talking about the SuperBowl. She didn't manage to "hear" any of the people trying to ask questions about our homework, but she did hear me mumble "is football going to be on the test?" WHOOPS.

9. OH HEY! I get wedding cake on Saturday! SCORE.

10. I can't actually think of a tenth thing but uneven numbers make me twitchy. So. Ta-dah!
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