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Oh man. All day yesterday all I did was homework. And after I make this post, I have to go back to the library and do a bunch more. *pants*

I worked for five hours yesterday on these reference information hunt things we have to do. There are 30 questions and in five hours I managed to complete EIGHT. *moan* It's really interesting, just very challenging. And a little frustrating. I'm used to being able to just find information like...*snaps fingers*. So, having to really search for it is something I'm not used to.

You know what would make this process easier? A little instruction on how to use these works instead of just saying "GO!" *grumbles*

I emailed the TA to ask a question about sourcing something and his reply was "Well, it's really difficult to explain." Listen buddy. You've already HAD this class. If it's too difficult for you to even EXPLAIN, how am *I* meant to figure it out on my own with no direction? BOO ON EVERYONE.

Then, I went last night and did a two hour reference observation at the local library. It was AWESOME. It was really interesting to see her doing some of the exact things we talk about in class and using the same reference stuff. Also, she got to teach a kid about how to use the library! It was very cool. And little validating. I totally want her job!

Today? I have to go back to the library and work on those 30 questions some more. Hopefully I'll have better luck with actual books in my hands (versus trying to use remote access via the computer.)

We get a new SPN ON Valentine's Day. New Sam! My faaaaavorite present!

In years past, I've been very anti-Valentine's Day. I even used to always make a point to wear black that day. But I don't know. This year I don't mind it. In fact, I think it's pretty awesome that I get to spend the whole day with someone I know loves me a whole lot...myself. And I'm wishing all y'all a lot of love too.

Hmmm...what else?

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