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love to love ya baby

Hi y'all! It's Valentine's Day! I am sending you all love and kisses! In celebration, I'm taking myself to Baskin Robbins for lunch today. MMMM.

Extra hugs and love for tjournal 'cause today is her birthday! I adore you T, I hope this is your best one yet!

Some things:

  • Last year, lostt1 did an SPN V-day rec list for spn_themes. So, if you need some porn and schmoopyness to get you in the mood this year, have a look-see!

  • weesta made me a whole SLEW of book and librarian icons. They're right here and you should check them out (GET IT??) and take one for yourself too. Or be like me and take ten!

  • And, pocketfullof is trying to put together a fandom cookbook for us all to roll around in and enjoy. You can contribute a recipe right here.

  • literarytattoos

  • If you're anti-V-Day, have some alcohol and booze icons from here.

  • New SPN tonight! I have a feeling it's going to rip me up. *wibbles* I need pre-show therapy, I think.

  • AND ALSO! arabella_hope put together this amaaaazing hot boy love picspam and I think it would be IDEAL for SOMEONE to make icons from. Go look! Drool! Be inspired!

    *blows kisses and passes out chocolate*
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