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Sunday Recs: One SPN, One J2

Oh hi, it's Sunday! *grin*

How about two quick recs, one Sam/Dean and one Jared/Jensen?

  • About Boys by dev_earl -- (Sam/Dean, R, 3,114 words) -- Sam and Dean take in a little boy to live with them and this story is snapshots of their lives together. It's well-done and it just...feels good to read. I really love this THEM.

  • Can't Fight This Feeling by jeyhawk -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 35,000 words) -- Jen moves to NY and immediately falls in love. Technically this is a take-off on Coyote Ugly but it's so, so much better. I sort of want to live in this fic forever. It's smoking hot and instantly intimate but what I really love is her characters. You feel like you know everything and nothing about them at the same time...and that's a tough balance. I was so invested by the end, I really FELT for these guys. Also, did I mention hot?
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