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Mental Snow Day

Survived the concert last night, Cobra was very fun. Met a zillion awesome fangirls, which always is the best part of these things to me. Everyone is gone now and I'm having fangirl-withdrawal. It's SAD.

I read back over the last three days of LJ in about 15 minutes (no joke). Most of it is SPN episode reactions, which I don't read anyway. So, I'm sure I missed important things. If I did, you can tell me!

I'm very tired. I need to do some homework but all my flist is SUPER EXCITED about having snow days, so I'm thinking...I deserve a mental snow day, yeah?

Want to play a little with music for me? OK, here is what I want you to do:

-Upload the ultimate Wincest song.
-Upload the song Jared or Jensen listens to most often.
-Upload a song that makes you think WENDY!
-Upload the sexiest song you can think of.
-Upload the song with the high play count on your itunes (or whatever).
-Upload a snow day song!

You don't have to do all those, just whichever ones inspire you.

I'll be hanging here at my computer for a bit, drinking coffee and reading fic. So come tell me things! And show me things! Aaaaand...things!
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