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Happy Thursday!

First of all, it's bellanut's birthday! WOOOO! Happy birthday honey!

Second, it's Thursday and that means it's been a week and I can say "tattoos" outside of a cut without spoiler people jumping me in the LJ parking lot, so. TATTOOS TATTOOS TATTOOS. CANON. MATCHING. TATTOOS.


Third, SPEAKING OF TATTOOS, annella made me a new header of Sam showing off his tattoo! Have a look! Dear Sam: You are delicious. I love you! --Wendy

Fourth, wait. Sam distracted me from talking about Elle! Who is all kinds of awesome. Man, I've known her forever. I stalked her a bit back in HP, to be honest. Thank you for the header Elle-baby. *squishes*

Fifthly, I have been GOURGING myself on old fic. It's so fun! It's like, going home after you haven't been there in awhile. I love re-reading my favorite things and discovering why I loved those works to begin with. Our fandom has produced some amazing things, y'all! Do you ever go back and re-read older fic?

Six, LA in one month! WinCon in Baltimore! Boys in Dallas in June! *twirls fandom around in a big circle*
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